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Main » 2009 » August » 18 » Saving our Economy
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Saving our Economy
Friday, 05 June 2009 * Dear Mr. President Why are we having so many money problems in the present generation? Money is programmed to fail. We periodically have inflation followed by a depression. It goes in cycles. Money can be our master or slave. If we work for money or work to create money, we are the slave. Why not rebel and do away with money? We don't need it to have a thriving economy. Stop the use of money altogether. Send the people back to work. Let everyone work without pay. Let everyone buy what they need without money and without price. Work for free and get what you want and need for free. An unholy idea? You scared? When the money fails, and it will soon, the signs are clear, send everyone back to work with a fedral debit card that records their work hours. Let the banks do the job of recording, and let the government pay all the bills (not with money, but just with book keeping.)
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