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Main » 2009 » August » 18 » Have you had a brush with death?
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Have you had a brush with death?
Wednesday, 22 July 2009 * Have you ever had a brush with death? Do you have a guardian angel looking out for you too? Do tell. I have had a near death experience, but it wasn't because of sickness or an accident. I simply floated off. I learned enough to know that those whom we call dead are not the dead ones. We are are the dead ones. Why do you think this life is called mortality? Why do you think we call this the mortal life? It isn't because we die; it is because we have already died in a previous life. Where we came from everyone is alive. Our birth here is our leaving there, and our death here is our coming home there. There, we were beings of Light. When we leave here, we will again see ourselves as beings of Light. I have been there several times. Whenever I return, I feel as though I have died. Life is on the other side of the veil. But don't ever try to go home without Father's permission. It is not permitted. We are here to learn to be obedient to him and to learn to love each other and to follow the light we were born with, the light we brought with us. It is known as conscience.
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